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New construction is the perfect way to bring together your needs into a new home. Sometimes what you need most is an expert opinion. Whether you already have new floor plans, blueprints, or if it only exists as a vague sketch and a wish list, Northtown Builders can bring the vision of your dream home to life. Our long-standing relationships with award-winning home architects and designers ensure that your new home will be everything you envision and more.

In new home construction, the success of a project is often determined by the relationship the General Contractor has with sub-contractors. Northtown Builders proudly maintains long-term relationships with our sub-contractors to bring quality, reliability and accountability to each job. We endeavor to provide our clients with subcontractors who share our company philosophy of service and integrity. We strive to go far and above local building codes, exceed expectations wherever possible and seek out meticulous craftspeople whose passion and pride in their workmanship is evident in every step of the process.

Ten Benefits of Building New

1. Live Worry-FREE under Warranty

For new home buyers, not only is the likelihood of their brand new appliances breaking extremely low, but if something does go wrong, it is a matter of calling the warranty department and not an issue of writing a check.

2. Live Healthier and Safer

Live free of asbestos and lead paint; and enjoy the safety benefits of modern electrical systems that meet today’s demands.

3. Save on Energy Bills

Enjoy better insulation techniques, window construction and appliances that reduce energy use.

4. Enjoy Low-Maintenance Exteriors

As an experienced New Hampshire general contractor, we know New England weather. We use materials that can withstand harsh winters and build pressure treated wood decks that will not rot.

5. Lower your Repair Costs

Enjoy new plumbing, wiring, roofing, mechanicals, and more!

6. Spend your Free Time the Way you Want

Used homes often require a lot of attention. With a new home, there is no need to spend your time remodeling, repainting, re-anything. Just move in and enjoy!

7. Enjoy the Conveniences of a New Home

Take pleasure in a home with a conveniently located laundry room, walk-in pantry, and spacious bathrooms and closets that fit your lifestyle.

8. Save on Taxes

Taxes on a new home are significantly lower in the first 12-24 months than on a similarly valued resale home.

9. Choose your Layout, Colors, and Options

Live easier with today’s open floor plans and colorful options to match your individual lifestyle.

10. Protect your Investment

Research shows that new homes appreciate in value more than older homes. Have peace of mind knowing that you’re making a wise investment and a smart choice.

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Together we designed the most amazing renovation. Justin walked us through the process with ease and we are so happy we found him, because his work is impeccable.
Matt and Tina S. Entryway Renovation